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Staff Induction
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Welcome to Madge Sexton Kindergarten

This page has been put into place to assist Relief staff (Teachers and Early Childhood Workers), Students (University students and Work experience students) and Volunteers who intend to work at Madge Sexton Kindergarten.

Before commencing work at Madge Sexton Kindergarten, a staff member will perform an induction meeting, working through the Madge Sexton Kindergarten Induction and Orientation Checklist with you to ensure that you are familiar with relevant policies, processes and procedures. However, to assist us with this process, it would be useful if you could familiarise yourself with the following information:

To get a “feel” for who we are, how we work and what we value, please read our Madge Sexton Kindergarten Statement of Philosophy.

To familiarise yourself with who you will be working with, please read our Staff Profiles.

Please familiarise yourself with the following policies. Some of these are lengthy so we have highlighted in yellow specific information that we need you to be aware of in some of the policies.

Download File Size File Type
Policy 01: Healthy Food Supply & Nutrition 137 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 02: Sun Protection 123 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 03: Water Safety 121 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 04: Administration of First Aid 82 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 05: Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness 390 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 06: Dealing with Infectious Diseases 92 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 07: Dealing with Medical Conditions 187 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 08: Emergency and Evacuation 164 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 09: Delivery and Collection of Children 148 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 10: Excursion 130 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 11: Child Safe Environment 135 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 12: Staff Code of Conduct 108 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 13: Determining the Responsible Person Present 76 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 15: Interactions with Children 108 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 21: Bullying and Harassment 109 KB Adobe PDF
Madge Sexton Kindergarten Lunch Procedures 101 KB Adobe PDF
Policy 20: Dealing with Complaints 866 KB Adobe PDF
Public Sector Code of Ethics 173 KB Adobe PDF

NOTE: All downloads open in a new browser window

You will also find some information about our session times, groups of children, daily timetable and other relevant information that we have highlighted for you in our Parent Information Handbook.

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- The Kindergarten will send an Informed Consent Form into the DCSI Screening Unit on your behalf and pay costs in certain circumstances. Please read the DCSI Application Fact Sheet for more information.

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Work experience/University students:

Please note that Work experience students and University students are required to obtain a DCSI Clearance before they can commence placement..

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RELIEF STAFF: Arrival: 8:30am / Departure: 3:45pm (Unless otherwise negotiated)

Volunteers, Work experience students and University Students:
hours are to be negotiated with the Director.

If you would like to order your lunch…

Lunch orders are available through the McLaren Vale Primary School canteen. Please see the Madge Sexton Kindergarten Canteen Menu.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask the Director or a staff member.

We hope that you enjoy your time at Madge Sexton Kindergarten.

MSK Staff Team

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