Staff Induction

(New staff, relief staff, Students and Volunteers…)

Welcome to Madge Sexton Kindergarten

This page has been put into place to assist new staff, relief staff (Teachers and Early Childhood Workers), Students (University students and Work experience students) and Volunteers who intend to work at Madge Sexton Kindergarten.

Before commencing work at Madge Sexton Kindergarten, a staff member will perform an induction meeting, working through the Madge Sexton Kindergarten Induction and Orientation Checklist with you to ensure that you are familiar with relevant policies, processes and procedures.  However, to assist us with this process, it would be useful if you could familiarise yourself with the following information:

To get a “feel” for who we are, how we work and what we value, please read our Madge Sexton Kindergarten Statement of Philosophy.

To familiarise yourself with who you will be working with, please read our Staff Profiles.

Please familiarise yourself with the following policies.  Some of these are lengthy so we have highlighted in yellow specific information that we need you to be aware of in some of the policies.

  • MUST also complete and sign the Madge Sexton Kindergarten Staff and Student (University/Work Experience) Personal Survey.
  • MUST also have a DCSI Criminal History Check sighted by the Director before they are allowed to conduct work at Madge Sexton Kindergarten. 
  • MUST have current Responding to Abuse and Neglect training.
  • Teachers must be approved by the Department for Education to deliver a preschool program.
  • Early Childhood Workers must have a Certificate 3 and been approved by the Department for Education.
  • MUST have completed a Responding to abuse and neglect (Education and care induction) for volunteers training session
  • MUST also have a current DCSI Criminal History Clearance.
  • MUST familiarise themselves with Policy 14:  Participation of volunteers and students.  And MUST also complete and sign Madge Sexton Kindergarten Volunteer Declaration which is located at the end of this policy.
Work experience/University students:
Hours of duty:

RELIEF STAFF: Arrival: 8:30am / Departure: 3:45pm (Unless otherwise negotiated)

Volunteers, Work experience students and University Students:
hours are to be negotiated with the Director.

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